Status Quo

Status quo (inspired by Gorky Park) Three dead bodies appear under a sheet of thawing ice. So begins Gorky Park, a gray, intricate, continually suspended story.A novel in which places and people are those of a world close to disintegration, against a backdrop of a city that appears to us black, plunged into shadow, in which reality appears only in places, continually hidden behind appearances, and truth inextricably intertwined with lies. These shots are meant to tell in pills our history, the history of the last decades, the history that most belongs to us, the history that, though distant, heavily stretches its shadows over the present. A history, as well as the novel, twisted, murky, where the acquired truths are constantly disavowed and are never definitive, where every fact presents too many levels of reading and understanding. Frozen events, prisoners in the past, unresolved knots, symbols of stasis, of a stagnation and immobility, moral and physical.Visible but only behind a thickness that deforms them and keeps us at a distance, this is how the facts and pages of our history appear today.